I just picked up a brochure from Christians on the street corner titled “Was Life Created?” The first section is all about how the earth is “perfectly” located in the universe for life to thrive. Could one not argue that we have evolved here in our current form due to necessity based on our Earths characteristics and not because we were meant to be in this form and the earth happened to be perfect? If our world had a different set of physics, I am sure we would look vastly different. This is why the archetypal alien figure just doesn’t make sense. Life is incredibly malleable - just look at the diverse amounts of animals on Earth alone. I can’t help but to disagree entirely with this brochure though I came in open minded.

In the metaphysical sense, the distinction between full and empty seems more important than the one and the many. Life in a world centred on function is liable to despair because in reality the world is empty, it rings hollow; and if it resists this temptation it is only to the extent that there come into play within it and in it’s favour certain hidden forces which are beyond it’s power to conceive or recognize.